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The Movements of Movements, Part 1
What Makes Us Move ?
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Proem : Shailja Patel – What Moves Us

Introduction : Jai Sen – The Movements of Movements : An Introduction and an Exploration


1.1 David McNally – From the Mountains of Chiapas to the Streets of Seattle : This is What Democracy Looks Like

1.2 Fouad Kalouche and Eric Mielants – Antisystemic Movements and Transformations of the World-System, 1968–1989

1.3 André C Drainville – Beyond Altermondialisme : Anti-Capitalist Dialectic of Presence

1.4 Tariq Ali – Storming Heaven : Where Has The Rage Gone ?

1.5 Taiaiake Alfred and Jeff Corntassel - Being Indigenous : Resurgences against Contemporary Colonialism

1.6 Andrea Smith – Indigenous Feminism and the Heteropatriachal State

1.7 Xochitl Leyva Solano – Geopolitics of Knowledge and the Neo-Zapatista Social Movement Networks

The Movements of Movements :
Struggles for Other Worlds

2.1 Anand Teltumbde – Anti-Imperialism, Dalits, and the Annihilation of Caste

2.2 Jeff Corntassel – Rethinking Self-Determination : Lessons from the Indigenous-Rights Discourse

2.3 Xochitl Leyva Solano and Christopher Gunderson - The Tapestry of Neo-Zapatismo : Origins and Development

2.4 Roma and Ashok Choudhary - Ecological Justice and Forest Right Movements in India : State and Militancy - New Challenges

2.5 Emilie Hayes – Open Space in Movement : Reading Three Waves of Feminism

2.6 Virginia Vargas – International Feminisms : New Syntheses, New Directions

2.7 Lee Cormie – Re-Creating the World : Communities of Faith in the Struggles for Other Possible Worlds

2.8 François Houtart – Mahmoud Mohamed Taha : Islamic Witness in the Contemporary World

2.9 James Toth – Local Islam Gone Global : The Roots of Religious Militancy in Egypt and its Transnational Transformation

2.10 Roel Meijer – Fighting for Another World : Yusuf Al-‘Uyairi’s Conceptualisation of Praxis and the Permanent Salafi Revolution

2.11 Peter Waterman – The Networked Internationalism of Labour’s Others

2.12 Cho Hee-Yeon – From Anti-Imperialist to Anti-Empire : The Crystallisation of the Anti-Globalisation Movement in South Korea

2.13 Emir Sader – The Weakest Link ? Neoliberalism in Latin America

2.14 Daniel Bensaïd – The Return of Strategy

2.15 Peter North and David Featherstone – Localisation as Radical Praxis and the New Politics of Climate Change

2.16 Guillermo Delgado-P – Refounding Bolivia : Exploring the Possibility and Paradox of a Social Movements State

2.17 Alex Khasnabish - Forward Dreaming : Zapatismo and the Radical Imagination


Laurence Cox – ‘Learning to be Loyal to Each Other’ : Conversations, Alliances, and Arguments in the Movements of Movements


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