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The Movements of Movements, Part 2
Rethinking Our Dance
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Our world is not just a world of pain, but of dignity. Dignity is the refusal inside us, the refusal to submit, the refusal to be an object, and therefore it is more than mere refusal. - John Holloway

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Proem : Shailja Patel – Offerings

Introduction : Jai Sen – On Rethinking Our Dance : Some Thoughts, Some Moves

Note : For Sections 1 and 2, which appear in The Movements of Movements, Part 1, see HERE
Interrogating Movement, Problematising Movement

3.1 Rodrigo Nunes – Nothing Is What Democracy Looks Like : Openness, Horizontality, and The Movement of Movements

3.2 The Free Association – Worlds in Motion : Movements, Problematics, and the Creation of New Worlds

3.3 Jai Sen – Break Free ! Engaging Critically with the Concept and Reality of Civil Society (Part 1)

3.4 Anila Daulatzai - Believing in Exclusion : The Problem of Secularism in Progressive Politics

3.5 Josephine Ho – Is Global Governance Bad for East Asian Queers ?

3.6 Jeffrey S Juris and Geoffrey Pleyers – Incorporating Youth or Transforming Politics ? Alter-Activism as an Emerging Mode of Praxis among Young Global Justice Activists

3.7 Tomás Mac Sheoin and Nicola Yeates – The Anti-Globalisation Movement : Coalition and Division

3.8 Stephanie Ross – The Strategic Implications of Anti-Statism in the Global Justice Movement

3.9 Michael Löwy – Negativity and Utopia in the Alterglobalisation Movement

3.10 Rodrigo Nunes – The Global Moment : Seattle, Ten Years On

3.11 Ezequiel Adamovsky – Autonomous Politics and its Problems : Thinking the Passage from Social to Political

3.12 John Brown Childs – Boundary as Bridge

3.13 Chris Carlsson – Effective Politics or Feeling Effective ?

3.14 Massimo De Angelis – PR like PRocess ! Strategy from the Bottom Up

3.15 Matt Meyer and Oussenia Alidou – The Power of Words : Reclaiming and Re-Imagining ‘Revolution’ and ‘Nonviolence’

3.16 Jai Sen – Break Free ! Engaging Critically with the Concept and Reality of Civil Society (Part 2)

Reflections on Possible Futures

4.1 Michal Osterweil – “Becoming-Woman ?” : Between Theory, Practice, and Potentiality

4.2 John Holloway – The Asymmetry of Revolution

4.3 David Graeber – The Shock of Victory

4.4 Kolya Abramsky – Gathering Our Dignified Rage : Building New Autonomous Global Relations of Production, Livelihood, and Exchange

4.5 Muto Ichiyo – Towards the Autonomy of the People of the World : Need for a New Movement of Movements to Animate People’s Alliance Processes

4.6 Samir Amin – Towards a Fifth International ?

4.7 Rodrigo Nunes – The Lessons of 2011 : Three Theses on Organisation

4.8 François Houtart – ‘We Still Exist’


Lee Cormie - Another World Is Inevitable… But Which Other World ?


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