Event Reports
Event 1 : English word pdf | Portuguệs word pdf * Event 2 : English word pdf * Event 3 : English word pdf

We from CACIM are organising together with others – the following events at the Belem Forum :

  • Event 1 : Critically engaging with the principles underlying the World Social Forum. Read More EN ES PT FR. Also available in Hindi - Download*.
  • Event 2 : The Politics, Potentials, and Meanings of the Belém Forum : The Significance for the World Social Forum of the Participation of the Indigenous Peoples of the World. (Partners: NFFPFW - National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers, India) Read More EN ES PT FR. Also available in Hindi - Download*.
  • Event 3 : Facing the Future : The World Social Forum, the Global Justice Movement, and Beyond. (Partners: AFM - Articulación Feminista Marco Sur, Democracy and Social Movement Institute, Sungkonhoe University & ARENA - Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives) Read More EN ES PT FR. Also available in Hindi - Download*.
  • Event 4 : A Global Labour Charter for Humanity : If Not Now, When ? (Partners: Watermania) Read More EN ES. Also available in Hindi - Download*.

We invite you all to join us at these events and also help us in planning it. Do read the theme notes for each of these events and we would be very happy if you would :

  1. Please let us know whether you are coming to Belem, and if so, whether you would like to take part in this event.
  2. Comment on the draft outline for the event.
  3. Make suggestions for key speakers for the event, with the following details : Name; Name of organisation or institution or movement, if any; Full contact details (email id, country and preferably city / town / village location, and phone contacts); Languages spoken; and also a 50-100 word blurb on each person so that we know a little WHY you think the person is relevant to the event.
  4. Suggest appropriate organisations who might like to co-organise the events with us (again, FULL DETAILS, please, as above, with reasons as to why these organisations).
  5. Suggest possible sources of funds for this event – and in general, the set of four events we are proposing to organise at Belem.

Write to us with comments, suggestions, questions : Jai Sen (jai dot sen at cacim dot net) or Madhuresh (madhuresh at cacim dot net)

Lastly, to discuss these events subscribe to WSFDiscuss, an open and unmoderated forum on the World Social Forum and on related social and political movements and issues. Simply send an empty email to worldsocialforum-discuss-subscribe at openspaceforum dot net.

[*] To download hindi font click here

CACIM @ WSF 2011