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Advance Pre-final Movement Edition of Book One of ‘The Movements of Movements’ – see more

We at CACIM are happy to present an ‘Advance Pre-final Movement Edition’ of the first of two books edited by CACIM member Jai Sen and forthcoming in 2017 as a co-publication between CACIM’s Publication unit OpenWord (external link) and PM Press (external link) in the US.

Book One, posted here on this site, is titled The Movements of Movements, Part 1 : What Makes Us Move ? - PRESS HERE

Book Two, which will be posted soon, is titled The Movements of Movements, Part 2 : Rethinking Our Dance.

The hard copy and e-version of the book are due out soon. For placing pre-orders, click here (external link).

Land: Whose property?
 – “The question of Ownership and Possession” 5-Day Residential Workshop : 25 – 29 February, 2016 Kaandbaari, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh organised by CACIM and Sambhavnaa See more

Book Launch and Seminar

OpenWord (external link), the publishing arm of CACIM, and Daanish Books invite you for the seminar

Towards Building More Just and Democratic Societies

Discussions on New Social Movement in Our Times

And, the launch of two books – Interrogating Empires and Imagining Alternatives – as part of the Are Other Worlds Possible ? (external link) series

Publishers : OpenWord? and Daanish Books

Date : January 17, 2012; Tuesday ; Time : 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Venue : The Attic, 36, Regal Building, Connaught Place, on Sansad Marg (Parliament Street), near and above The Shop and People Tree, New Delhi-110 011.

Read more (external link)

CACIM at WSF 2011 at Dakar

CACIM (India), together with AFM - Articulación Feminista Marco Sur (Latin America), ATTAC France, Canada Research Chair in Social Justice, GGJ - Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (USA), Kenya Network of Grassroots Organisations (KENGONET), Mémoire des lutes (France), Mouvements (France), and People’s Parliament (Kenya), February 8 2011 - Facing the Challenges of the Present and the Future : How Well is the World Social Forum Doing ?, Workshop at the World Social Forum at Dakar, Senegal Read more

CACIM, together with ABN - African Biodiversity Network (Kenya), Climate SOS (USA), GGJ - Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (USA), IEN - Indigenous Environmental Network (Turtle Island : Canada/USA), and NFFPFW - National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers (India), February 9 2011 - Confronting the Consequences of Climate Change : Conflict, War, Resistance, and Movement in the Coming Half Century. Workshop being organised at the World Social Forum at Dakar, Senegal Read more

CACIM Canada Research Chair in Social Justice, together with CACIM, El Taller International (Tunisia), and National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers (India), February 9 2011 - Perspectives on the ‘crisis of civilization’ as a focus for movements. Workshop being organised at the World Social Forum at Dakar, Senegal ... Read more in English/French

CACIM @ USSF 2010 in Detroit

‘Learning from the US Social Forum Process’

From the CACIM Community

Peter Waterman: ‘75th Birthday Reflections of a Rootless Cosmopolitan…’

News and Notices

CACIM Multilogues, June 2 2009 : Looking Ahead to WSF 2011 in Dakar, Senegal : Perspectives and Challenges. Indian Social Institute, New Delhi. 3:30-6:00 pm. Invite | Discussion Note | Report

June 4, 2009 CACIM and Navayana (external link) invite you to a public discussion on INTERNATIONALISING CASTE : EVERYBODY’S ISSUE? OR NOBODY’S ISSUE?. Indian Social Institute, New Delhi. 3.30 – 6.30 pm. More

Just published

The latest series of monographs by the CACIM Forum Fellows is out. These studies have been published under the Critical Engagement series of CACIM. Read more

Jai Sen, May 2009 - On open space : Explorations towards a vocabulary of a more open politics ...Arguing that open space, horizontality, and networking are now emerging as a general tendency in the organisation of human social relations, and that the WSF is a major historical experiment in this idea, the paper seeks to open up the concept towards a more critical discussion and understanding of it, in relation to the times we live in...

Download Here

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Recent Publications

Jai Sen, Peter Waterman, editors Read More
Black Rose Books : Canada
Released at European Social Forum, Malmo ! See details | Summary Note.

Critical Engagement : CACIM’s Publications Programme. August 2008. Download Papers

A Political Programme for the World Social Forum ?

Democracy, Substance and Debate in the Bamako Appeal and the Global Justice Movements. A Reader

Jai Sen and Madhuresh Kumar with Patrick Bond and Peter Waterman; Compilers. January 2007.

Published by CACIM, New Delhi and CCS (external link), Durban Read More / Download Full Text of the Reader.PDF (external link)

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