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  • Congress hits back over Shah`s jibe, says dismiss Jaitley first - Zee News : India National    (2017-12-05T18:30:00Z)
    The Congress on Tuesday hit back at BJP president Amit Shah over Ayodhya issue in the apex court.
  • Congress hits back over Shah's jibe, says dismiss Jaitley first - All News-IANS Stories    (2017-12-04T18:30:00Z)
    The Congress on Tuesday hit back at BJP President Amit Shah over Ayodhya issue in the apex court, saying if a party is sought to be blamed for a lawyer representing a side in a case, then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley should be dismissed for having appeared for Dow Chemicals in the Bhopal gas tragedy case.
  • Bhopal pays tributes to gas tragedy victims - Central Chronicle » Bhopal    (2017-12-03T18:30:00Z)
    Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Survivors of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and various organisations associated with them... more
  • Archdiocese of Bhopal paid homage to the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy - Central Chronicle » Bhopal    (2017-12-03T18:30:00Z)
    In view of 33rd Anniversary of Bhopal gas tragedy, Bhopal Archdiocese organized a prayer service... more
  • Pension of Bhopal gas tragedy widows to continue - Central Chronicle » Bhopal    (2017-12-03T18:30:00Z)
    Bhopal: Addressing a gathering at the All Religions’ Prayer Meet organized on the 33rd anniversary... more
  • Bhopal gas victims still waiting for adequate damages - DNA: Top News    (2017-12-03T18:30:00Z)
    Even after 33 years of one of the world’s worst industrial disasters to happen in India, notoriously etched in the national consciousness as the ‘Bhopal Gas Tragedy’ in which a leak of Methyl Isocyanate gas from Union Carbide plant in the December of 1984 killed thousands and affected millions, survivors are still awaiting adequate compensation. Bhopal’s third generation, born after the disaster, is also suffering from ailments. While there are children who could not sit or speak or hear, many women were not able to conceive again. A large number of tragedy survivors last night marched, holding burning torches in their hand, to a memorial of the world’s worst industrial disaster. They paid homage to those who lost their lives in the calamity at the memorial statue in front of the now-defunct UCC factory. Families of those who died and people who are still bearing the brunt of the ill-effects of the industrial disaster are now signing a petition, to be sent to the Supreme Court, requesting it to start ...
  • 33 years later, Bhopal gas victims still fighting for justice - Hindu: National    (2017-12-02T18:30:00Z)
    Hold protest against negligence of the government
  • Bhopal Gas Tragedy: 33 yrs on, survivors still wait for adequate compensation, medical treatment - DNA: Top News    (2017-12-02T18:30:00Z)
    Thirty-three years after the Bhopal gas tragedy, survivors are still fighting for adequate compensation and proper medical treatment for ailments caused by the toxic leak. Families of the deceased and people who bore the brunt of the industrial disaster are now signing a petition, to be sent to the Supreme Court, requesting it to start hearing a curative petition of the government filed in December 2010 for more compensation. The US company which then owned the chemical plant here, from where the poisonous gas leaked in 1984, has not yet adequately compensated the victims, a Madhya Pradesh minister said. The victims of the "world's worst disaster" had not been paid adequately by US-based Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) now owned by Dow Chemicals, MP's Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vishwas Sarang told PTI. He alleged that the then Central government led by the Congress was more interested in helping the multi-national company rather than bringing it to book. "The Central and the ...
  • Protests mark 33rd anniversary of Bhopal gas tragedy - All News-IANS Stories    (2017-12-02T18:30:00Z)
    Angry protests were witnessed in Bhopal on Sunday as the city marked the 33rd anniversary of the gas tragedy that killed thousands.
  • 33 years on, Bhopal gas tragedy survivors still await adequate compensation - Rediff: News    (2017-12-02T18:30:00Z)
    Families of the deceased and people who bore the brunt of the industrial disaster are now signing a petition, to be sent to the Supreme Court, requesting it to start hearing a curative petition of the government filed in December 2010 for more compensation.
  • Thirty three years of Bhopal tragedy -    (2017-12-02T18:30:00Z)
    It has been 33 years since Bhopal witnessed one of the largest industrial disasters in the world. On December 2, 1984, 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) leaked from a tank at the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC). MIC is used for producing carbamate pesticides, which are used in gardens and for agricultural purposes as well. The Madhya Pradesh governments statistics show 3,787 died immediately. According to an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court by the Centre on October 26, 2006, more than 5.5 lakh people were injured. As per organisations, at least 20,000 have died over the years. The medical management guidelines for methyl isocyanate published by the agency for toxic substances and disease registry says, "Methyl isocyanate is irritating and corrosive to the eyes, respiratory tract, and skin. Acute exposure to high vapor (vapour) concentrations may cause severe pulmonary edema and injury to the alveolar walls of the lung, severe corneal damage, and death. Survivors of acute exposures may exhibit ...
  • Bhopal gas tragedy: Many women couldn't become mothers again - All News-IANS Stories    (2017-12-01T18:30:00Z)
    The tragedy that struck this city 33 years ago following methyl isocyanate leak from an industrial unit has not allowed some women to be mothers again and many homes have not been able to hear the playful voice of children.
  • Torchlight procession today to pay homage to victims of gas disaster - Central Chronicle » Bhopal    (2017-12-01T18:30:00Z)
    Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal A torchlight procession will be taken out on December 2 and... more
  • Remove Carbide toxic waste under 'Swachh Bharat' drive: Groups -    (2017-12-01T18:30:00Z)
    Two organisations working for survivors of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to get the toxic waste lying in the defunct union carbide factory here removed under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA). Bhopal Gas Peedith Mahila Udyog Sanghathan (BGPMUS) and Bhopal Gas Peedith Sangharsh Sahayog Samiti (BGPSSS) have made the request in a letter sent to Modi on November 30. "It is inexplicable as to why the issue of the urgent need for cleaning up the highly toxic spots in and around the former pesticide factory of Union Carbide India Ltd (UCIL) at Bhopal is not a vital part of that (SBA) campaign," they said in the letter. Toxic gas spewed from the carbide factory on the intervening night of December 2-3, 1984, killing thousands of people and gravely affecting about 5,50,000 others. "Kindly direct the officials concerned to take requisite steps to re-mediate the polluted environment (including 1,10,000 tons of contaminated soil alone) by seeking necessary technical ...
  • Poisonous chemicals in Carbide solar vaporization pond big threat: Jabbar - Central Chronicle » Bhopal    (2017-11-28T18:30:00Z)
    Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal It’s been 30 years since Bhopal gas tragedy occurred on the night... more
  • Bhopal ASP booked for harassing woman constable - All News-IANS Stories    (2017-11-22T18:30:00Z)
    An Assistant Superintendent of Police here has been booked for sexually harassing a female constable, police said on Thursday.
  • Bhopal gas leak survivors launch unique campaign - Hindu: National    (2017-11-20T18:30:00Z)
    Send images of children pleading for medical care to Modi
  • Seems like politician has taken over the doctor: Twitter slams Harsh Vardhan for saying Delhi smog isn't an emergency - DNA: Top News    (2017-11-14T18:30:00Z)
    Union science and environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has been criticized on social media for claiming that the high pollution levels in the national capital are no cause for worry. Harsh Vardhan has said there is no need to spread panic among the people over the present air pollution situation in Delhi, adding it is not like the Bhopal gas tragedy which was an “emergency”. The Delhi-NCR region has been under a thick blanket of smog over the last one week. Doctors have declared the situation as a ‘public health emergency’, while the government has taken a series of measures in view of high pollution levels. “I am talking in practical terms. You see, what happened in Bhopal when there was a gas leak and hundreds of thousands of people fell acutely sick and had to be rushed to hospital. We call that an emergency situation where you have to panic and you have to see what you have to do. I am not saying we shouldn’t do anything about it (Delhi smog); everyone has to respond to what he is supposed to do. ...
  • Delhi smog not an emergency like Bhopal gas tragedy: Harsh Vardhan - Rediff: News    (2017-11-14T18:30:00Z)
    Doctors have declared the situation as a 'public health emergency', while the government has taken a series of measures in view of high pollution levels.
  • Hang culprits to death in public: MP's gang rape victim - All News-IANS Stories    (2017-11-04T18:30:00Z)
    A young woman -- gang raped by four persons in Bhopal -- on Sunday demanded that the culprits should be hanged in public for their crime and flayed the police for its "unhelpful" attitude in the whole affair.
  • 9th Montfort Cup Basketball Tournament concludes - Central Chronicle    (2017-11-02T18:30:00Z)
    Staff Reporter, Bhopal “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done... more
  • NTPC blast shows how health safety, environment standards are lacking - Business Standard: Economy & Policy    (2017-11-02T18:30:00Z)
    So far, the explosion at NTPC's Unchahar plant has claimed over 29 lives
  • Call to be ready for disasters - Hindu: Hyderabad    (2017-10-10T18:30:00Z)
    Three-day conference on disaster management gets underway
  • Real heroes: Beyond the glamour of the Vogue awards - Rediff: Top Stories (India)    (2017-09-25T18:30:00Z)
    From Indian women's cricket team captain to the SBI chairman, the list is stellar.
  • Their flood vs Our flood - Rediff: News    (2017-09-14T18:30:00Z)
    Darryl D' Monte, the distinguished enviromental journalist, discusses how the media covers floods in Mumbai or Texas, but ignores Assam or Bangladesh.

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